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          I recently got cute little knuckle tattoos. Laura has been a friend, and an artist I frequently get work from for a few years now. (@lolotattos on Insta) The new knuckle tatts are on my right hand and were spicy, but over with quickly. I’ve also always wanted lil dots under my cuticles, so I got two stacked. (The dots hurt more than the symbols.)

          A few months prior, I got another tattoo done by Laura. It’s her own design of a realistic rose and geometric shapes. It’s by far my favourite. She also put “Inked Caffeine” on both thumbs—I’m realizing right now how many tattoos I’ve gotten in the last few months that have changed my appearance, and I’m laughing. Your hands can change your appearance quite a bit, and I know some people would consider them “risky” tattoos, but I’m in love with them and wouldn’t change a thing (maybe adding more). Along with the galaxy succulent on my left, I love staring down at my hands while I write, or type, or whatever.

           I have a list (mental & physical) of ideas for more, but tattoos are expensive, and I am not rich. Although the other day, I realized that since 2011, I’ve gotten a tattoo(s) every single year except for 2017 (reckless year of spending).

2011: – first ink baby is a little blue star on my right ankle/side of foot. Not my favourite but hurt like a bitch and I have no good cover-up ideas. (Pain: 5/10)
2012: – number two is “Disney” on my ribs on the left side. I’m a 90’s baby and grew up with the classics. This one also hurt like a bitch, and the artist didn’t fully colour in the letters, so I went for a touch-up a month later. I know it’s not huge by any means, but damn I hate the ribs! (Pain: 7/10)
2013: – third is Green Day on my left inner bicep. I can’t say they’re my #1 anymore, but there was a time where I would die for Green Day. On August 18th in 2010, I got pulled up on stage at the Molson Amphitheater in Toronto (now Budweiser Stage) for their song Are We The Waiting. Life changing moment. Did I mention Mr. Billie Joe Armstrong himself smooched me on the lips? (Pain: 1/10)2014: – probably my biggest regret, but my smallest tattoo. On the outside of my right wrist is an outline of a bunny. My lop Thumper passed away that May, and this was very spontaneous. Brian was getting his shoulder piece done, and I was that dick in the background like “hey, can you just throw this on me real quick?”. Gonna cover it later with a better bunny. (Pain: 1/10)

– got a Silver fern behind my left year in NZ when Brian and I backpacked for three months. This particular location makes your brain vibrate. (Pain: 4/10)
2016: – “petite soeur” above my right elbow. My sister has matching “grande soeur” on her left. (Pain: 3/10)– left ribs/underboob are the lyrics “love just a little bit more” from the Hollywood Undead song Sing. (Pain: 7/10)– the top of my left foot has the outline of an elephant and “elephants can’t jump” text. This was the first tattoo Laura did for me. Brian and I were downtown Toronto and went for dinner, and I was like “this is my idea and I want it.”. Originally I was thinking I’d get it somewhere on my arm, but last minute, I decided on my foot. Adrenaline Tattoo on Queen St. W takes walk ins, and Laura was the artist available at the time, and boom! Reference to my favourite USS song Damini, but strictly the live version. IYKYK (Pain: 5/10)

– left shoulder/back is a rainbow watercolour monarch butterfly. (also Laura) (Pain: 4/10)
2018: – my right thigh has a mallard duck feather and guinea fowl feather. I’ve had pet ducks my whole life, and although the guinea fowl were only a few years, they were extremely memorable. This is also Laura, and in the first session (we did two), we added colour to the Damini elephant.
(Pain: 6/10 & 7/10)
2019: – on my left forearm are three trees, representing the different terrains Brian and I camped in on our road trip out west. Done at HIGH VOLTAGE in LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA! (this emphasis is mainly for myself)
This was my birthday present to myself. (Overpriced in my opinion, but worth the experience and bragging rights)
(Pain: 5/10)

– back of my right arm (above the sister), I have a ‘tired but caffeinated’ watercolour fish. Brian has a similar one on his left arm, with different colours, but his fish is distinguished with a top hat and monocle. Both are done by Michelle (@michromatic on Insta)
(Pain: 7/10)

2020(the year from Hell part I): – I got my galaxy succulent on my left hand. Michelle’s own design (@michromatic again). For Covid safety, we both wore masks the whole time, and it’s that little addition of discomfort to make a painful tattoo just that much shittier. Two sessions (one for outline and shading, and one for colour) and very ouch 🙂
(Pain: 8/10)
2021(the year from Hell part II): – I got the realistic rose, Inked Caffeine, and the knuckles and dots from Laura.
The rose and IC were in August.
(Pain: 4/10 & 5/10)
Then the knuckles and dots were just this past December.
(Pain: 8/10)

2022(please behave): – ya’girl has tons of ideas, but ya’girl needs money.

Do you have any tattoos? If so, of what, and where??