About the Book

About the Book

Book One in the 'Inked Caffeine' Series

Inked Caffeine

Melrose and Vine

Melrose and Vine - by Monique Duclos fiction action lgbtq romance

I was just your typical Starbucks barista without an interesting bone in my body. I liked to keep my head down and do my best to cruise through life uninterrupted, although my bright red hair made it almost impossible.

Things took an interesting turn when I met Jimmy, an artist from the tattoo parlour down the street. Living and working in Hollywood, California, I met a lot of intriguing characters, but no one as intriguing as him. 

He brought a new light to my life that I didn’t know I had, let alone one that I needed.

My past wasn’t a great one, but I got out and made a new life for myself. And now, it felt like my future was looking better with Jimmy in it.

I felt like life was finally worth living, until… everywhere you looked, something was on fire. The screaming was enough to make you go deaf and the scent of blood made you gag. My body was screaming in pain and I couldn’t stop choking on all the smoke in the air.

My lungs felt tight, and when I looked up, I couldn’t decide if it was snowing or raining ashes. People were firing guns chaotically and I had never run so fast in my entire life.

Jimmy jumped up to the roof of a parked car and I was quick to follow, bending over to catch my breath.

“Now where?” I panted.

Publication Date

August 6, 2021





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I love this book. It's very well written and leaves you wanting more! This new, young author has some surprises for her readers!! Well done!
This is a fantastic book!! Plot twist had me on the edge of my seat, I just couldn't put the book down!
The emotional and descriptive writing in this novel brings the characters to life. Dallas and Jimmy feel real and authentic, and Monique Duclos tells a story that has not been told. Fair warning, the ending of this book will leaving you impatient for the story to continue!