Baby’s First Giveaway

Baby’s First Giveaway

So, I recently did my first giveaway, which was weird. It was exciting! But weird. It was with Goodreads and thankfully Tellwell took care of everything because I would have no idea where to even begin. Only applicable to the US (Canada, I’m coming), people entered for a chance to win a free eBook of Inked Caffeine. Running for the entire month of April, 100 people were then randomly selected by Goodreads on May 3rd.

Honestly, I thought 100 was a lot and there was no way that many people would enter.
Weeeellll I followed along pretty intensely, and I passed 200 people in the first week. I know that’s not single headedly because of Inked Caffeine (no one even really knows about it) and it’s more because people like free books, BUT it still felt good! Fast forward to the 3rd and over 700 people had entered, and I went from zero to almost 80 followers (on Goodreads). The winners were selected and got their eBook copy, and just like that the giveaway was over.

A million thank yous to everyone who entered and congrats to those who won! It’s weird for me to think about strangers reading my story. Like…all my family and friends have already bought it, and that was weird all on its own, but at least that was familiar territory. Now it’s out in the hands of the world (well, since last August) and I’m VULNERABLE! Something I’ve had a ‘secret’ for so long, and now I’m like “here. read this.”

I hope everyone likes it, and I hope everyone can connect with or relate to at least one character. A lot of personal emotion went into this bugger. I have a variety of playlists made for different moods and I’d listen to whichever playlist to help me get the right atmosphere and vibe. I’m hoping this is reads true.

Reviews help me out tremendously. Your lil opinion could help someone else decide if they wanna read it (or not). Especially as someone who SUCKS at talking about their own story…you’d think because I wrote the damn thing, it’d be easy for me to talk about. WRONG! People ask, and I freeze up. It’s like I instantly forget the entire plot, or I remember too much all at once.
But  it’s also hard for me to separate the first book from the rest. When I’m asked to summarize, I want to summarize the plot as a WHOLE which is a big no-no because wow that’d throw some spoilers around.
So anyways. I love reviews, hahaha
Whether it be Goodreads or Amazon or WHEREEVER! Authors love when you talk about their shit.


So, welcome to the party! And enjoy the chaos!

I’d love to know what you think 🙂

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